The Healing Within Massage

Bless yourself with Massage



The Healing Within Massage was born out of my desire to help others find another way of effecting the healing that we all struggle with at times. All healing comes from within and so the name. Being a student and active user of alternative healing therapies such as homeopathy, chiropractic and reflexology taking up massage therapy was a perfect choice of a new career.

The opportunity to bring an hour of deep relaxation is a privelge and honor I take very seriously. If you are gracious enough to seek my services I owe you no less than my very best and that is what you will receive!!

As I continue on a journey of personal transformation I look forward to meeting all on the path and how we will aid one another in healing within.


My name is Christine Hagadorn, a licensed professional Massage Therapist in Tucson Arizona. 

Join me now and give yourself the gift of massage that you deserve.






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